We are a small team of passionate professional yoga teachers with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. Whether you are looking for mindfulness experience or energy refilled class, you will be able to find what you want here. We look forward to meeting you.

– Alignment Studio Yoga Yuen Long (Hong Kong) 2020

Peony began her yoga journey since 2015, she felt in love with it ever since. Peony has rich teaching experience and her classes are suitable for different level of students. Her class could be a little bit challenging yet with her clear instructions it becomes very easy to follow. She encourages you embrace the change in your body, appreciate every moment of your emotion change during the process , if you want to explore a little bit more of your limit, Peony’s class is best for you.

yuen long yoga teacher Hong Kong

Clarrie was born and raised in Hong Kong so she understand how stressful it could be to live in such a fast paced city.

She began her yoga journey to seek for calmness and stress relieve. Yoga not just heal her physical condition, but mentally stronger.

She dedicated herself to completed the 200 hours RYT certificate.

She believes yoga is about focus in your own self, find the balance of your body and mind. Her teaching focus on alignment and basic skills to assist students to build a good foundation in their yoga journey.

You will share lots of fun and connection in her class.

Yuen Long Yoga Teacher

Hayley is patient and friendly. She pays attention to the alignment of asanas by giving simple instructions. She encourages students to listen to their body and learn step-by-step at their own pace.

Hayley believes yoga is a life long journey of the SELF, through the SELF and to the SELF. She wishes to bring students joy and inner peace through yoga practice.

Yuen Long Yoga Teacher

Renee first started her yoga practice in 2015 and has been teaching since 2020. She grew to love yoga right after the first class because of the positive effect it happened on her.Like her personality, Renee’s class is grounding, inviting and encouraging. She always shared the foundations of yoga with connection of breathes and honest way of being. For her, yoga is a way to let us accept and appreciate every moment without judging and evaluating. You will develop a warmer heart and calmer mind through the class practice with her.

Ginnie is a certificated yoga teacher.She always spends time on deepening her yoga practice. She believes that yoga is not just about stretching, but a way of life to pursues balance and unity between body and mind. Her classes are challenging, dynamic and fun which allows students to feel the sense of well-being and make progress on the practice.

From limited bodies to explore unlimited possibilities.
From breathing on the mat as you are, to interact between your practice and life.
Yoga links you to us, to the Universe.


“Yoga is 99% practice, 1% theory” Kidman believes the key in cultivating the path of yoga journey lies in continued practice. Since 2014, she had her first yoga class, she has not stopped her practice. By practising Asana regularly , it trains up our concentration and focus , leading our mind to reunite with the body. Kidman’s first class was of an Ashtanga class, a continued movement that connect the breath and body . The fixed sequence builds up the physical and mental stability, leading to self awareness . On her learning path, Kidman meets her Sivananda teacher in India Ashram, developing a new perspective towards Hatha Yoga as well.

“Change happens through Movement & Movement Heals”
Joseph Pilates

Throughout these years of practising Pilates, Stephanie strongly believes the movements improves her core strength, posture and flexibility. Pilates is a series of movement which train your endurance, balance and coordination, and most importantly it helps you to prevent injuries from daily life. Stephanie hopes to imply her knowledge and share experience to others, to create a positive mindset & healthy lifestyle together.

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